Dancer showreels

Need an up-to-date showreel that represents you at your best? What talents do you most want to showcase? What music inspires you? What colors define you? It’s about branding you! KSA Productions will address your every need in creating a professional and concise showreel that you can submit with confidence to casting agents, directors and choreographers.

[ rates and reel: package ]

The following outlines the KSA Productions Dancer Showreel Package:

  • 2-3 minute montage
  • HD links on Vimeo and YouTube
  • HD file transfer
  • 3 edit review sessions

dancer package = $350

[ upgrades and add-ons ]

The following outlines the KSA Productions upgrades and add-ons:

  • each additional edit session = $35 per
  • editing multiple angles = $100 per number